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Assault & Battery

Orange County Assault and Battery Defense Lawyer

Although it is frequently believed that assault and battery are essentially the same offenses, under California law these are two distinct criminal offenses that may be charged together or independently of one another. Assault is defined as an attempt or a threat to cause injury to another person, with the apparent or actual ability to carry out the threat. Battery is defined as striking or touching another person against his or her will or without consent. As an example, lunging at a person and attempting to punch them would constitute assault. If you actually struck the person, this would constitute battery.

In California, assault and battery are often misdemeanor offenses, punishable by up to 12 months in county jail. However, there are particular factors that will result in a defendant facing felony charges and increased penalties, including: the use of a deadly weapon, causing serious bodily injury, a victim who is a peace officer, firefighter or paramedic, or cases involving domestic violence.

If you’ve been accused of assault, battery, or both, you may be at risk of facing a felony conviction for a violent crime, and this may result in a “strike” on your criminal record. This may mean that a second violent or serious felony conviction will result in double the penalties and a third felony conviction may result in life imprisonment. Do not take any chances with your future or your freedom. Contact an Orange County criminal attorney today to learn more about your criminal charges and your rights in this regard.

Free Consultation Regarding Your Orange County Assault and Battery Charges

Your initial consultation with a lawyer at the Law Offices of Fred Thiagarajah is free, and we represent clients throughout all of Orange County in the face of assault and battery charges, including the enhanced versions of these crimes, such as aggravated assault, assault with a deadly weapon, and aggravated battery.

Contact Orange County assault and battery lawyer Fred Thiagarajah today!

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