Case Results

*Client charged out of Riverside Court with 6 counts of PC 288(a) – Lewd act with minor under 14 y/o All 6 counts dismissed after preliminary hearing.

*Client charged out of Ventura Court with Furnishing minor with controlled substance, Oral copulation of a person under 18, Unlawful sexual intercourse, and Sodomy of a person under 16.
Negotiated plea agreement resulted in NO registration as sex offender after defendant's release from custody.

*Client charged out of Ventura Court with one count of Battery upon a peace officer and 3 counts of Obstructing or Delaying a Peace Officer.
Prosecutor dismissed all 4 counts shortly prior to the commencement of trial.

*Client charged out of Harbor Court with Hit and Run.
Case dismissed after reaching Civil Compromise with Victim.

*Client cited for Speeding in commercial vehicle and ineligible for traffic school out of Harbor Court.
Speeding violation dismissed after persuading CHP Officer to reduce violation to Coasting in Neutral.

*Client charged out of Santa Ana Court with Embezzling approximately $2,000.00 from employer.
Convinced Judge and Prosecutor to allow Client to complete diversion program. Case dismissed after Client successfully completed program.

*Client charged out of Westminster Court with 2nd DUI and Hit and Run with pedestrian.
Hit and Run charge dismissed after negotiating Civil Compromise with Victim. 2nd DUI dismissed and reduced to Wet Reckless after challenging the reliability of the breath evidence. Client ordered complete DUI classes and pay fine – no jail time.

*Client charged out of Van Nuys Court with Terrorist Threats and Spousal Abuse.
Plea agreement resulted in both counts being dismissed and reduced to Disturbing the Peace.

*Client charged out of Bellflower Court with Hit and Run (Victim was off duty police officer).
Despite Victim's unwillingness to accept Civil Compromise, Judge agreed to dismiss charges anyway through deferred entry of judgment.

*Client charged out of Torrance Court with DUI (BAC above.20 w/accident).
City Prosecutor agreed to dismiss DUI and reduce to Wet Reckless, despite no factual weaknesses in case, after convincing Prosecutor that Client was in process of adopting a child.

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