Orange County Child Abuse Attorney

Child Abuse Accusations

Accusations of child abuse abound in this society. Due to federal laws which make it the responsibility of any doctor, teacher, child care professional and many others to report bruises, cuts, burns, dislocations and broken bones which could be the result of abuse. With so much sensationalism of abuse, the public has become quite sensitized to the subject. Well-intentioned people can become alarmed at common playground injuries. Once the authorities have received a complaint their purpose is to find evidence of guilt, not to determine the truth. If you have been accused of child abuse the only sensible thing to do is obtain the assistance of an Orange County criminal defense attorney with years of experience in dealing with these types of charges. The best time to stop this situation is before charges are filed.

Child Abuse Defense Lawyer in Orange County

This is a convenient and easily made accusation which can come from the desire for revenge, to gain an advantage or to get control in some other issue such as divorce or custody disputes. Children learn from television and are just as capable of making a false accusation for ulterior motives as is an adult. Whether the accusation concerns physical mistreatment and injury or is of a sexual nature the danger is equally serious. Just an accusation could label a person as a sex offender for life. The police, District Attorney's Office and Child Protective Services (CPA) can all get involved. It is very important that every aspect of this kind of case is expertly handled. Investigators are well trained and clever in conducting interviews solely for the purpose of having you incriminate yourself. It is vital that you work closely with an experienced child abuse lawyer throughout the case to avoid costly errors.

If the accusation was made by a child and the child recants, this may not stop a prosecutor from proceeding with the case. Even if you are found innocent at trial, CPA may still remove your child from your custody. The legal team has to build a truly compelling defense based upon scientific evidence to prove your innocence and protect your child. Call Takakjian & Sitkoff for a consultation with a skilled criminal defense lawyer that understands how to gather the evidence that is necessary to defend your case.

An Orange County child abuse attorney can explain your rights and take action to protect you and your family.

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