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Criminal Appeals in Orange County

Orange County Appellate Attorney

You have already been convicted of a crime. The verdict is in, and you were sentenced to imprisonment as well as fines or other penalties. But what happens when a defendant was wrongfully found guilty or was sentenced unfairly? If this explains your situation, you may be entitled to a criminal appeal. With the help of a skilled Orange County appellate attorney at the Law Offices of Fred Thiagarajah, you may be able to file a petition for an appeal and either have your sentence reduced or possibly may be entitled to a retrial – which may result in a reversal of your verdict altogether.

Criminal appeals are difficult and are technical in nature due to the intricate legal procedure involved. It is important that you work with a lawyer experienced with filing appeals if you are to have the best opportunity of getting your second chance at justice. As a former prosecutor and experienced criminal attorney, Fred Thiagarajah has the experience you should look for in your lawyer. He also has the drive and attention to detail that makes an appellate attorney successful.

About Criminal Appeals

It is only natural that a mistake may be made at some point in a criminal trial. The jury may be improperly instructed, evidence may be admitted that should not have been, evidence may have been excluded that should have been admitted, one or more jury members may have been abusing alcohol or drugs during the trial, or a prosecuting attorney may have violated a defendant’s rights in some way. Or, a criminal defense lawyer may have provided such a negligent level of representation that he or she affected the outcome of the case. In these cases, the defendant may be entitled to an appeal.

Learn more about criminal appeals and whether you may qualify. Contact an Orange County criminal appeals lawyer at our firm today!

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