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About Felony Charges in Orange County

Felony crimes involve harming another person physically, violating their constitutional rights, depriving them of property and other serious offenses. The penalties for felony convictions can be severe including imprisonment, large fines and parole. When an individual is arrested for a felony offense it is best to speak to an attorney before making any statement to authorities that might be seen as incriminating evidence. A person accused of committing a felony offense should contact an Orange County criminal defense attorney that will fight for the rights of the client and provide an aggressive defense. Takakjian & Sitkoff is a knowledgeable criminal defense law firm with a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of criminal law. Our team of associates have defended many clients accused of felony crimes throughout the Southern California area. An individual with felony offense charges faces the loss of certain rights and freedoms. Therefore, it is important to have a strong defense when accused of a serious crime from an experienced criminal defense law firm.

What are felony crimes?

Felony crimes are significant offenses that can include murder and manslaughter, sex crimes, carjacking, kidnapping, fourth DUI offenses, stalking, hate crimes, distribution of illegal drugs, unlawful surveillance, intimidation of another by phone, mail, or email, violation of gun laws and causing damage to property. When faced with serious criminal charges it important to have an experienced and successful defense attorney that knows the court systems and knows how to provide an effective defense for clients. A felony conviction can change the life of the offender forever. It may be hard to find employment and the offender may experience loss of family and friends and the loss of child custody following a divorce. A convicted felon cannot hold certain jobs requiring security clearance or carry certain professional licenses. Our firm understands that an individual has much to lose if convicted of a felony crime, so we have made sure that each of our practicing attorneys is up to date on the most current and aggressive forms of criminal litigation as they pertain to the unique dyanmics of each individual case that comes to our firm.

A prosecution must present a case and prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant committed a felony offense. The defense can challenge the evidence presented by the prosecution. Often, law enforcement makes mistakes during the arrest and the gathering of evidence against an offender. Prosecution relies on victim statements, witness statements, forensics and other types of evidence. A defense can attack the validity of arrest procedures, statements and all other evidence. The goal of our firm is to obtain lowered charges or a dismissed case for our clients. There is no time to waste in making e an appointment to discuss the specific circumstances regarding your felony crimes case.

Contact an Orange County criminal defenes lawyer for aggressive defense against felony accusations.

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