Orange County Fraud Cases

Fraud Cases and Federal Court

Fraud can be simply defined as theft by deceit. It can include a plot or course of action intended to defraud another person of money, property or goods. Often it manifests as credit card fraud, bank or loan fraud, mortgage fraud, wire or mail fraud and also forgery. It is considered to be a theft crime and can be prosecuted at the state or federal levels.

If you or someone you care about is under investigation or has recently been arrested for any type of fraud crime, it is vitally important that you remain silent and hire a highly experienced and qualified Orange County criminal defense attorney to defend you against the charges. You will need to understand what legal rights you have and how to effectively exercise and protect them. There is no better way to ensure that this happens, then by securing legal representation from a professional defense lawyer that is familiar with criminal law.

Orange County Fraud Defense Lawyer

You can immediately take action to protect your 5th Amendment rights to remain silent and to obtain legal representation. It is important that you understand that anything you say, really can and will be used against you by prosecutors in court. Even if you believe that the information you have or know of will declare your innocence, proper guidance by a seasoned attorney should be sought before answering questions or providing statements. There is no way to tell how prosecutors will take what you say and slant it to benefit their argument. Therefore, you must rely on the legal expertise of your defense lawyer to guide you on when and where it is appropriate to speak on behalf of your defense.

Criminal defense lawyers at Takakjian & Sitkoff have dedicated themselves to aggressively and effectively defending individuals facing any type of criminal charges in Southern California and Orange County court houses. The firm's team have committed themselves to criminal defense, staying current on all laws, statutes and procedures that may affect the rights of clients. We work tirelessly to build a solid reputation in the legal community and seek a fair and lawful trial for every case we take on. The high level of representation you need and deserve in order to preserve your future freedom and rights will undoubtedly be provided when you contact a legal representative from our firm.

Contact an Orange County fraud attorney now to confidentially learn how the firm can help you with your legal matter.

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