Google Self Driving Cars Could End DUIs

Google has been test driving automated cars. Many of us have seen the Google cars (with a driver in the car) driving around the 405 freeway. Google is currently lobbying in Nevada for new laws that would make Nevada the first state to allow driver-less cars on the road.

"One of the big problems we're working on today is car safety and efficiency. Our goal is to help prevent traffic accidents, free up people's time and reduce carbon emissions by fundamentally changing car use," said a Google engineer on the company's blog posting.

Imagine the effect automated or self driving cars could have on criminal laws. People could use the cars to help avoid DUIs, effectively ending the law breaking caused by drivers who are arrested and charged with drinking and driving. People could avoid a DUI by having their car take them home. There would not longer be the need for a personal driver, a taxi cab, or bus fare because an individual's car would be able to sufficiently carry one safely home without breaking the law.

However, these new vehicles have not been released yet, and there is no date on the horizon as to when they will be. Therefore, accusations and arrests are still being frequently applied by law enforcement. If you or someone you now has recently recieved a DUI, then an Orange County criminal defense lawyer can help defend your case, in or out of the court room.

Contact an Orange County DUI attorney to get aggressive defense against your charge.

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