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Defending Juveniles in Orange County

The Takakjian & Sitkoff law firm is experienced in defending juveniles caught breaking the law. Children arrested for acts of violence, gang related activities, sexual offenses, property damage, theft, drug crimes, use of alcohol, or other offenses can face the loss of certain rights and freedoms if convicted of a crime. It is important that an attorney be present right from the beginning. For legal defense of a juvenile facing criminal charges, contact an Orange County criminal defense attorney for legal assistance and guidance as to the correct steps to take following an arrest. At Takakjian & Sitkoff, our team is knowledgeable in all areas of criminal law, particularly the area of juvenile crimes. As professionals in the field, we work closely with both parents and juveniles knowing that it is the best way to provide an effective defense with the most favorable outcome for all involved.

About Juvenile Court

Juveniles do not have the same rights as adults. They do not have the right to a public proceeding or a jury trial. They do have the right to face hostile witnesses, nor do they have the right to a fair and just hearing by a judge in juvenile court. The court process can be frightening and intimidating and it is essential to have a criminal defense attorney present at court hearings. One of the first actions following an arrest is a meeting between the parents, child and probation officer. Representation by an attorney can make all the difference in the following steps as the case proceeds through the court system. Clients can benefit from the representation of one of oru firm's skillful attornyes thathas an understanding of the court system and how to get results.

A juvenile convicted of a crime will have a criminal record that can affect their ability to go to college or pursue certain careers. The military and other areas of employment that require security clearance or a high level of trust may not be available to a juvenile offender. A conviction may result in the child or teen being placed under the control of the California Youth Authority or Ranch System. With a future at stake, it is important to have aggressive defense from an experienced and successful criminal defense attorney who will protect the rights of juvenile clients.

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