Sex Crime Cases in Orange County

Criminal Defense Against Sex Crimes

An individual charged with a sex crime faces an uphill battle. The accusation alone can cause family and friends to disassociate. A person may face a loss of employment and a damaged reputation. A sex crime allegation can cause a loss of child custody following a divorce. At Takakjian & Sitkoff, we understand the seriousness of a crime that society and the courts frown upon. It is important to contact an Orange County criminal defense lawyer and immediately retain legal counsel before making any incriminating statements to arresting authorities. There are many types of sex crimes and the criminal defense lawyers at our law firm are knowledgeable in all areas of criminal law, including those that pertain to sex crimes. We havehelped many clients charged or wrongly accused of committing sex crimes by providing a strong and effective defense.

About Sex Crimes and Penalties

Sex Crimes usually fall into one of the following categories:

Punishment for sex crimes usually results in imprisonment, probation, fines, and court-ordered counseling. Many factors can determine how harsh the sentencing could be. Prior offenses, victims that are minors, use of violent weapons and other factors can determine the extent of the penalties. Penalties that affect all convicted sex crime offenders are the mandatory registration with law enforcement as sex offenders; information that is accessible to the public. The offender faces a loss of certain rights, freedoms and privacy. An individual convicted of sex crimes cannot work in a job that involves children, and must stay a certain distance away from schools, playgrounds, public parks and public swimming pools. A sex offender cannot change residence without informing law enforcement. An individual accused of committing sex crimes can benefit from the professional legal services of a criminal defense attorney, such as that found at Takakjian & Sitkoff. Our extensive experience and success in defending clients applies to matters handled in and out of the courtroom. We aggressively defend our clients that face serious sex crime charges, and we fight for their rights. Make an appointment today for a consultation.

Contact an Orange County criminal defense lawyer to make an appointment for a consultation to discuss the sexual criminal charges against you.

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