Sex Offender Facing Possible 100 Years In Prison For Rape

Thirty-year-old J.B. has been found guilty of four counts of sexual assault. The Huntington Beach man was tried in Orange County of raping four women he had met in local bars and clubs. The most recent instance was in December of 2007. J.B. took a twenty-seven-year-old women to his apartment where he filmed them having sex before he raped her. The prosecutors used the video as evidence showing the act was without the women's consent. The woman reported the attack to the Huntington Beach police. J.B. tried to flee the country to Mexico, but was arrested before he made it across the border. He was also found guilty of other rapes where he drugged the women and filmed the sexual assaults.

If you have been arrested for sexual assault, you could be facing very serious penalties. Being convicted of any sex crime will require the individual to register as a sex offender for the rest of their life. An Orange County sex crime lawyer could review your case and seek to get your charges dropped. For aggressive defense, please do not wait to contact an Orange County sex crime attorney from our firm.

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