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About Theft Crimes

The act of taking another person's money or property without that person's permission with the intent of keeping it is called theft. You may have been surprised to find out you are being investigated or worse yet, arrested and charged with a theft crime. The arrest process can be a shocking experience. If you have been charged or think you are suspected of a theft crime such as burglary or robbery, you need to obtain the help of an Orange County criminal defense attorney with a long record of successfully helping clients to obtain a positive outcome.

Theft Crime Lawyer in Orange County

There are a number of criminal acts which are considered to be a theft crime. For example, grand theft auto, embezzlement, identity theft, shoplifting, and insurance fraud are all actions that have fallen under the category of theft crimes.The police and prosecutors take these acts seriously and have every intention of getting a conviction. In addition to possible incarceration, fines and other penalties, it can be particularly harmful to employment, state licensing applications and immigration status for those seeking a green card or citizenship. Most of the clients who come to Takakjian & Sitkoff are good people who have simply made a serious error and need assistance to rectify the situation. AT Takakjian & Sitkoff, we believe that defendants deserve a second chance. Therefore, a talented, aggressive theft crimes attorney from our firm can investigate the facts of your case to find discrepancies, flaws and mistakes on the part of investigators. This assessment could help get the charges dropped or dismissed.

When you come to the firm it is fully understood that there is a great deal at stake, and your case and concerns will receive personal attention from one of our dedicated criminal defense attorneys. Our legal team is aware that sometimes investigators make mistakes and innocent people get accused of theft based on false allegations or misleading evidence. Therefore, an experienced criminal defense lawyer at our firm – one with years of expertise – is available to help you resolve the matter in a positive outcome. Call Takakjian & Sitkoff today to schedule a free consultation with one of our legal representatives.

Contact an Orange County theft crime attorney at the firm that will fight to protect your rights.

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