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Facing vehicular manslaughter charges in Orange County?

When a person is charged with vehicular manslaughter, it is because law enforcement officials deemed that they were driving recklessly, carelessly, negligently or under the influence (DUI) and it caused another person's death. Vehicular manslaughter is generally a form of involuntary manslaughter, as the victim's death was not intentionally caused.

If you or someone you care about is facing vehicular manslaughter allegations, it is important that you immediately obtain the services of a skilled Orange County criminal defense lawyer that is extensively experienced in these types of cases. One who has the capability and resources to investigate the facts and evidence surrounding your charges and will be able to produce an effective defensive strategy.

Vehicular Manslaughter Defense Attorney in Orange County

It is crucial that you exercise your right to remain silent following your arrest. Your attorney should be consulted before answering any questions or providing a statement about your version of the accident. Trying to explain what happened could wind up damaging your case, even if you believe what you have to say will declare your innocence. There are many different angles to be reviewed and saying the right things in the beginning will help to protect your case and better serve your interests.

At Takakjian, Sowers & Sitkoff LLP, an attorney will scrupulously examine every detail of your situation in order to proceed in a way that is best for you. You will be informed of all legal options available to you so that you know what to expect in the coming days, weeks and months. The firm's lead attorney has dedicated his life to defending clients in a vast range of criminal charges, promising to stand by their side as the main attorney from the beginning until the end of the case. He has a proven ability to effectively present the facts in court, negotiate on your behalf, and fight for your future freedom, livelihood, driving privileges and legal record.

All cases are of the utmost importance and you will be provided with the highest level of representation possible. It is well known that anyone facing serious charges is under a tremendous amount of pressure to achieve a favorable result in their case. Your attorney will zealously advocate your rights and interests, and fight to avoid or minimize the severe penalties you are facing.

Contact an Orange County vehicular manslaughter lawyer now to confidentially discuss your legal matter.

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