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What are white collar crimes?

Crimes that are not of a physical nature but rather take shape in financial form are considered to be white collar crimes. Fraud, insider trading and embezzlement are just a few examples of the types of criminal behaviors that are categorized as white collar crimes. The common theme among these types of crimes is their relation to money and high-status figures such as business officials and the like. In fact, the term "white collar crime" originated from the idea that highly respectable individuals – particularly those who wear white collared shirts and ties – largely make up those persons who commit this method of illegal activity.

Another identifiable difference between white collar crimes and crimes of a violent or sexual nature is the level of intelligence and pre-planned thought necessary to accomplish them. Forgery, bribery and corporate crimes require elaborately masterminded plans that cannot be as quickly and easily accomplished as can other crimes such as the use of illegal weapons or theft. For these reasons, it is absolutely crucial that anyone who has been accused of a crime of a white collar nature immediately seek legal counsel from an Orange County criminal defense attorney.

Orange County Attorney for Criminal Accusations

The freedoms and rights at stake when arrested and/or accused of any type of crime should not be taken lightly. Whether you have been issued a DUI, you were caught amid gang-related acts or you were found to be involved with an insider trading operation the consequences you stand to face are substantial. Prolonged jail time, expensive fines, possible probation and community service hours are all potential repercussions for being found guilty of the charge with which you have been accused.

No matter what type of criminal charge you are up against, the defense lawyers at Takakjian & Sitkoff is available to help. Here, you will not only find the defense you need from a professional in the field, you will also be given personal support and guidance by an attorney that genuinely cares about the outcome of your future. Each member of our legal team is a former district attorney, so you can be sure that we know just how tough the courts can be; that being said, we also know exactly what it takes to secure a positive outcome for a case. Rather than putting your future at stake by failing to obtain the proper legal counsel necessary to win your case, cease this opportunity and let one of our lawyers be of assistance.

For the legal expertise and hard-hitting skills you need in your defense, contact an Orange County white collar crimes lawyer as soon as possible.

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